The future of ecommerce is one of simplicity, robust cores and a new level of customization. GTonics brings you these benefits and more. With our expertise in Magento, the fastest-growing ecommerce platform in the world, your ecommerce platform will always be able to keep up with demand.

Scalable E-Commerce

An ecommerce web site is more than just a catalog with an order procurement application. Our goal is to create an ecommerce site that provides that and more. Leveraging the Magento ecommerce platform, we're able to create an environment that is highly scalable. That scalability is important to all small but growing companies. There are other solutions out there, but you quickly outgrow them - and we don't want you to have to go back to the drawing board once your sales start rolling in. We can create an ecommerce environment that will grow with you.

Mobile Commerce

Reports show that more people are accessing the Internet, and making purchases with their smartphones than ever before. We don't want you to lose out on that revenue stream. Our expertise in Magento development helps us tap into the potential of mobile commerce for you, to create a smartphone-optimized version of your site. Your site will automatically detect when a visitor is using a smartphone, and will show the mobile-optimized version.

Magento Multi-Store Strategy

Huge brick-and-mortar stores may have a competitive edge, but in the online world, it's all about establishing a niche market. It's been shown that an e-store that attempts to sell "a little bit of everything" usually ends up selling a whole lot of nothing, while e-stores that specialize in one product area do a lot better. The best strategy for ecommerce expansion isn't to attempt to sell anything and everything from a single portal. Instead, expansion comes through establishing multiple, niche-specific stores or micro-sites. Leveraging the power of Magento, we can help you establish multiple, targeted micro-sites using the multi-store retailing features within that platform.

Magento Analytics and Reporting

When you're making two or three sales a day, you can keep track of everything you need with index cards and a spreadsheet. But that quickly breaks down once you start achieving success, and you need a richer set of analytics. We will build in Magento's rich set of reporting features for your easy access. Besides integration with Google Analytics, we'll provide you with additional reports including a tax report, abandoned shopping cart report, and "best viewed products" report, along with details of the best search terms.

Let GTonics be Your E-Commerce Development House

When you need a web designer, think GTonics. We go beyond the basics, providing you with full-featured ecommerce that grows with you, as well as content management, mobile application development, social media marketing and search engine optimization. The internet world is a crowded one, but it's a world with plenty of potential for success, and GTonics Web Design has the tools to get you there.

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