The osCommerce (open source Commerce) platform is one of the most powerful open source e-commerce and online store management platforms available, and it can run on any web server with PHP and MySQL. The large osCommerce community now encompasses over 241,600 participants, including developers, as well as store owners and service providers. Our expertise in osCommerce will help you take advantage of this powerful and extensible open source platform.

Add-Ons and Customization

One of the great things about osCommerce is that there are over 6,200 add-ons available. The free add-ons are wonderful for customizing your online store-and of course, for increasing sales and enhancing the functionality of your online presence.

What Can You Do With osCommerce?

When we develop your website with osCommerce, you'll have support for unlimited products and categories. For a growing online shop, this is an important feature-so many other platforms and prefab sites are limited, seriously stifling your ability to offer more products. It's also always easy for you to add, edit or remove products or categories, or other elements such as reviews or manufacturers.

Regardless of whether you're dealing in actual products or virtual products such as downloadable ebooks or software, we can create your site exactly as you need it to function with the features offered by osCommerce. In addition, you'll have security built into your site, with a separate administration area that is password-controlled.

Maintain Customer Contact

Creating an online store is much more than just creating a catalog and uploading product descriptions. Like any business, you have to do marketing, and we can fill the bill here as well by leveraging osCommerce's back-end features. We can create an easy platform to allow you to easily contact customers directly, either through an email campaign or through regular newsletters.

And to make sure your customer service is always flexible, we'll build in an order history and order status feature so customers can have easy access to their shopping carts and their accounts.

Money is Money

When you're running an online store, you don't want to limit the ways people can pay you. If paying the bill at checkout is difficult, more often than not, your customer will abandon ship and go somewhere else. We'll create a checkout that is easy and intuitive, which accepts multiple types of online and offline payments. We can also build in a feature to disable specific payment types based on geographic zones.

Turn to GTonics for E-Commerce

You should put as much thought into a virtual shop as you would a physical one. GTonics will make sure every aspect of e-commerce is covered, and that your customers are never left with an excuse to shop elsewhere. Leave it to us to leverage the power of the osCommerce platform to make sure your commercial website has all the features you want and need, and that you're ready to start turning a profit.

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