WordPress, a software system for developing and maintaining blogs and websites, is one of the most widely used platforms in the world. GTonics is your WordPress specialist. You can count on us to develop attractive and usable websites based on this platform, giving you original designs, powerful features, and the ability to easily manage your content on an ongoing basis.

An Open Source CMS Solution

WordPress is an open source platform, which means it was created and continues to be maintained and enhanced by an ever-growing community of enthusiasts. This model of development has gained popularity, and has shown to excel at producing exceptionally robust software-since there are thousands of people at any given time constantly reviewing, editing, and improving the system. Another advantage to using WordPress for your blogs and websites is that the software itself is free to use, and there are no licensing fees. This means we can pass this savings onto you.

Extreme Customization

If you're familiar with WordPress, you know that there are thousands of existing templates for blogs and websites. This may be a good place to start with a test site or a personal site, but one thing to keep in mind when you use an existing template is that there are probably thousands of other people using the same template. If you're creating a professional site, you want it to be original. You want it to have an impact, and to stand out from the crowd.

We are experts at developing customized, one-of-a-kind websites and blogs for your WordPress platform, ensuring you won't look like anybody else out there.

Maintain Your Blog or Website

Once we've created the design for you and set up your WordPress system, it's easy for you to maintain your site without any help. Posting in WordPress is easy, and you'll have a straightforward interface so you can create, edit, and post content; and you'll also have the ability to schedule content for release at a date and time of your own choosing. This lets you create content in advance, but release it on your own predetermined schedule.

Another convenience that you will have at your disposal is "blog by email." GTonics can configure your account for this purpose, and then all you need to do is use your standard email client, and send your post in the body of an email with the headline in the email header to a predetermined email address, and it will post automatically.

GTonics for WordPress Functionality

Are you ready to take advantage of the power of WordPress for your websites and blogs? Rely on GTonics to create a custom design, and show you the power of this incredible platform.

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